08-07-2015 Our new partner — equipment center «Adrenalin»!

Our new partner — equipment center «Adrenalin»! We are glad to present you our new partner — equipment center «Adrenalin»!
This store has great choice of our equipment and shoes, affordable prices, responsive and experienced staff which will help you to choose what you need. We’ll be glad to see you at address:EQUIPMENT CENTER «ADRENALIN»Samara, Stara-Zagora str. 285 (inside the «Magnit» store)Tel: 8 (987) 911-03-15Daily: 10.00 — 20.00 Website:

15-05-2015 «GOST» store (Dubna town)

«GOST» store (Dubna town) «Gost» Store of special clothing and tools pleases its customers with wide range of products, high quality service, also pleasantly surprise with discounts and personal approach to each client. «Garsing» shoes is an integral part of our store range for more than 5 years.
We propose not only high shoe models, which are in stock, but also bring any available model from the producer in short time.
There are constantly acting promotions, discounts and offers, including those relating to «Garsing» shoes. at our «Gost» Store.


OPENING OF CORPORATE VOENTORG ТМ «GARSING» IN BARANOVICHI CITY (REPUBLICOF BELARUS)! In anticipation of May holidays ТМ «GARSING» decided to please Baranovichi citizens (Republic of Belarus) with the opening of new corporate voentorg «GARSING».The store opened at the factory where the main shoe line is sewn.A full collection of ТМ «GARSING» goods are presented here: high quarter boots, backpacks, clothing and tactic equipment for active tourism, as well as products from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.Now the citizens of Brest district have an unique opportunity to buy a desired ТМ «GARSING» product without coming to Minsk.
From an opening day and till May, 10 there will be 20% discounts for the whole range!You are welcome for purchases!
ТМ «Garsing» Online Store: WWW.GARSINGSHOP.BY (on the territory of the Republic of Belarus) 

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