20-05-2008 Garsing TM with Belarussian SMU Specialists Got the Boulevar Peak

Garsing TM with Belarussian SMU Specialists Got the Boulevar Peak Belarusian SMU warriors made ascension at the highest rock of Venezuela-Boulevar peak.
The ascension was very complicated and hard-to-do. At first, it needs to `move through the Amazonian Jungles, and then they make a storm to the aim peak. They left national flags and symbols of Belarus and Venezuela, President Security, president sport club, HOK, ALPHA, SOBR, BFSO Dinamo and sponsors’ symbols including trademark “Garsing” on the top of the Boulevar peak.
Peak Simona Boulevar is situated in central part of Cordilera-de-Morrida-cierra-Nevada, covered with snow and iced surface, that’s why it called Snow height of the peak-5007 meters from the sea level.
The ascension was the ending stage of an expedition in Venezuela. There were 20 representatives of Alpha team of Belarusian security department, SOBR warriors, security service collaborators, Dinamo collaborators. All Belarusian team was in “Garsing” footwear. By the results of expedition the quality of “Garsing” footwear was noted as prime...

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