25-11-2008 ANGRY FALCON

11-22 of October 2008, the representatives of Military forces of Belarus took part in complex strategically studying of Qatar military forces ANGRY FALCON.
There were representatives from 55 countries. They learned actions of international groups for possible liquidation of terroristic attack and use of massive-destruction weapon consequences. In active stage of the studying, Belarusian groups learned special operation group of terrorists’ liquidation in bank and hostages dismissing, chemical reconnaissance in wings rocket region explosion, and also learned help to the radiation victims. The hardest task given to the Belarusian specialists of SMU was storm. We need to get storm absolutely untypically east architecture building and got the terrorists.
Belarusian SMU showed he was the real “angry falcon”. Together with colleagues from Qatar they had done mission consistently, quick and effective. The warriors’ footwear was manufactured by trademark “GARSING” for special order. According to...

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