27-05-2011 NEW TACTICAL SNIEKERS “Berkut”

NEW TACTICAL SNIEKERS “Berkut” New incoming to the wholesale trading stock of trademark “Garsing” . We Inform our clients, that we got a new model “Berkut” 118. This model was developed with one of the Belarusian SMU warriors for training and participationing in competitions of SMU’s triathlon, and also was used in anti-terrorist actions’ training of SMU countries.
Model “Berkut” made from flax with mixing viscose’s fibers. This type of material provides a high level of health indicators, antibacterial, antiseptic and hygiene properties and high wear resistance, gyroscopic property (quick drying), forced toughness in wet conditions. It doesn’t concentrate electric charge also tough for light destruction and can pass a lot of washing. In dry heat flax works the same as conditioner make the temperature lower (few degrees) at the body surface.

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