19-10-2011 What the Woolen Fur Is?

What the Woolen Fur Is? Woolen fur is fur with not less than 80 percent of natural sheep wool content, it is a high-quality and cheap alternative to natural fur. Modern science has created a new synthetically fibers, which have been successfully used in mixes with natural fur. For footwear fur optimal proportion is 70-80% of natural wool and 20-30-% of synthetic, which is allow saving natural properties and advantages of natural fur and makes the material more wear proof.Natural wool fur is fully aerated and it don’t make the rot effect like natural fur, and in the same time it has all warm properties of natural fur, but save the customer’ properties much longer.
What are the other common advantages in comparison with natural has wool fur?

17-10-2011 IPSC “World Shoot”

From 27.09.09 to 09.10.2011 on the Rhodes island (Greece) the world Championship on practical shooting took place, the unique and the largest shooting  event IPSC, which is organized every five years!
For the first time in IPSC history the Republic of Belarus is able to participate in this great event.
One of the sponsors of Belarusian team was performed by brand “Garsing”.
We knew that for the first time we’ll never get one of the first places, as it is very hard to compete with shooters, who are performing for about 10 years (many of them even for much more), they have a lot of skill and experience and up-to-date weapon. But a true sportsman, above all, gain an experience and skill from the competition and moves forward.
Sometimes step by step, sometimes faster.

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