18-05-2012 Ukraine Handgun open 2012

Ukraine Handgun open 2012 On the 27’th of April 2012 was held the 4’th championship of Ukraine on practical gun shooting   among special forces and on the 29’th of April 2012 was held the championship of Ukraine on practical gun shooting. Competitions were held in the shooting range of the law-enforcement agency “Koncha –Zaspa” near Kiev.       
 Members of Belarusian region took active part in competitions and judging Ukraine Handgun Open 2012 which was held on the 28’th – 29’th of April (III level) and  championship of Ukraine among special forces on the 27’th of April (II level).
Results of our Belarusian shooters...

15-05-2012 Season News – M.61 “Traveller”

Season News – M.61 “Traveller” We present a new product  from the trademark “Garsing” – model M.61 “Traveller”. This model is made for light and medium tracking, for long walks and urban conditions. The sneakers follow all the standards of this footwear segments. That is a special rubber outsole, produced in Italy, which provide a better grip with the surface which prevents the foot slide when you walk on the ground, stones and rocks. And a tougher construction makes your foot more balanced  and  you fell less all ground roughness and practically do not feel small stones under your feet. Inforsed by durable leather “Matrix” the toe-cap and back parts increase wear resistance. “EVA” insoles add more comfort, due to their damping properties.“COMFORTEX” is used in the lining. That is abrasive resistant, rugged, waterproof, windproof and the breathable membrane, which retain its high functionality during the whole period of wearing. M.61 “TRAVELLER” is a guarantee of the highest comfort level.            ...

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