NEW LINE OF THERMAL UNDERWEAR TM «GARSING» TM «GARSING» has released a new model line of thermal underwear on the CIS market.
TM «GARSING» has launched 2 models for winter season. 

First of all, this is thin thermal underwear GARSING RIPSTOP FLEECE (set should be put on naked body). This underwear is used as daily wear, but also can be used as first layer for outfit. Using RIPSTOP technology with soft fleece makes this underwear safe and comfortable. The main advantages of this underwear:- flexibility- lightness- quick-drying and waterproof  - isolate body from cold and excess heat- better air-permeable rather than natural fabric- non-demanding in special care - non-allergic
RIPSTOP technology is recommended for producing clothes and linen for collaborators of all force structures, defence and law enforcement structures.We produce it in 2 colours: olive and black.
Also this winter TM «GARSING» presents thick (upper) thermal underwear GARSING MICROFLEECE.  

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