New product from TM "GARSING" – sport thermal underwear of first layer "Reflex"!

New product from TM "GARSING" – sport thermal underwear of first layer "Reflex"!

New product from TM "GARSING" – sport thermal underwear of first layer "Reflex"!

We present a new product of this year – sport thermal underwear of first layer "Reflex"!

Sport thermal underwear of first layer «Reflex» is specially designed for intense exercise. This underwear is indispensable for long-distance trips and extreme sports, as well as perfect for everyday wearing.

Underwear design repeats all the contours of your body, has a unique seamless weaving technology, so thereby quickly turns into your second skin. Tissue structure contains silver ions, which prevent bacterial growth and hence reduce the formation of sweat smell. Underwear creates the most comfortable temperature regime for your body.

This is due to the fact that the linen is divided into zones, which if necessary start to cool or warm and while perspiration the moisture is transferred through special channels in the weaving yarn to evaporation zone.

«Microclimate» technology allows body to release heat and moisture equally and prevents from «overdrying» the body, which could lead to overheating of the body and in its turn could affect your physical performance.

Lots of manufacturers do not take into consideration this important issue of thermal underwear, which actually «kills» the principle of temperature control and, consequently, the very meaning of «thermal underwear».

In addition «Reflex» has excellent compression properties, thanks to which muscles recover more quickly and are in a constant tonus. It allows involving the hidden potential of your physical capabilities.

It's worth mentioning that due to the nature of compression your appearance will become more tightened and athletic, and the thermal underwear itself has a nice exterior design and combines perfectly with any clothing.
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