On May, 7-8 in the Ski sports center Logoys were held the extreme run BISON RACE. Already annual cross-country races with various natural and artificial challenging obstacles. What makes this event very interesting and spectacular.

The independent Obstacle Course Racing Championships for Europe will be on June 12, 2016 in the Netherlands. Bison Race — one of the qualifying stages towards Championships.

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On the first day of competitions, on May, 7, there were the smallest and youngest runners in the race. And these runners were extremely strong-willed young bisons.

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Little bisons literally dig the ground and did their best to win 

the race on the level with adults! That’s really great when children from an early age have friendship with sport and that this kind of friendship is encouraged by their parents.

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The night race for adults was really impressing and over adrenalinic!

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That was really scaring!

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And of course, the second day of race for adults, which was held on May,8, showed the Bison Race in all its beauty.

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The phase, where our banner «GARSING» was hanging, was the most spectacular and its name was «Electric chair». A participant had to run pass hanging exposed wires with applied electric current. This stage was in a place flooded with water.

BISON RACE — is water  obstacles, «gladiators», rise to the coup, «Electric chair». So there were no places where a participant may take breath during the race.

Trading mark «GARSING» managed to make a contribution to this truly momentous sporting event in the Republic of Belarus! And we highly recommend everyone to visit, see and participate in the next Bison Race, which will take place on July, 2-3 in Logoysk.