About garsing

Welcome to our web-site, of the manufacturer of footwear, trademark GARSING®!

Here you can buy military, tourist, hunter special footwear of GARSING® trademark. This website is a property of brand manufacturer that is why any kind of footwear you like is offered with real, not unreasonable prices.
Large assortment of military, working and other footwear of GARSING manufacture allow you to match it to any kind of clothes starting from professional military outfit and up to the uniform. Special purpose footwear of this trademark was made special for wearing in extremely and too complicated conditions. Working and special footwear was tested not in the laboratory conditions only, but in the worst weather conditions. We are proudly guarantee that if you visit our website you will find what you’re searching. Here you can find comfortable and safety high boots for active leisure or shoes for hunting, multifunctional and of high quality military footwear.
High shoes, low shoes and other kind of footwear of this trademark are manufactures for over 15 years. Military high shoes purposed for wide sphere of customers, for example servicemen, another military bodies, Ministry of emergency situations’ collaborators(military boots).Also GARSING® company manufactures professional corporate footwear for customs services, security companies and etc.

In our manufacture we use materials of high quality only.

Army footwear of this trademark manufactures according to innovative technology, using advanced materials such as CORDURA® DU PONT®.  Also in this stuff used waterproof impregnation  FENICE, nonwoven materials for lining SUPER ROYAL and CAMBRELLE® DU PONT, Thermoplastic material TECHNO GI® label membranes COMFOTEX® and SYMPATEX®, THINSULATE ® 3M insulator, and safety  metal toe-puff and many other, Our collaborators will provide you with good advice and explain the advantages of this materials.

Also  GARSING footwear differs with outsoles, which are made from ThermoElastoPlast (TEP), Poliuretanium (PU), Polyvinylchloridium (PVCh), Nythril, usual or oil and petrol proof rubber. High shoes GARSING and footwear with slide proof system ROTOR showed themselves perfectly.

All GARSING footwear made with double way of outsole joining; welt-glued and glue-stitched construction. All footwear is presented in the following series:
- Special footwear CLASSIC
- Special footwear ROTOR
- Special footwear with welt-glued construction

All military footwear of GARSING trademark is a multitasking, high quality, toughness and safety, foots’ protection from any kind of weather ot mechanical influences, innovation technology of manufacturing.
All high boots and other footwear and goods of GARSING  trademark approved with quality certificates of Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation. We are offering high boots, chrome tanned jacksboots and other elements of equipment in large assortment and with wholesale prices!