Tactical sneakers

Technical characteristics


Model 05118 MO «BERKUT NEW CAMO MULTI» was developed in conjunction with the officers of special unit of the Republic of Belarus for training and participating in the special forces competition in a triathlon for special purpose, as well as in the competition for special training of antiterrorist division in CIS countries.

Model 05119 P2 «BERKUT NEW CAMO MULTI» is made from abrasion resistant nylon fabric.

The method of outsole attachment — direct injection. The outsole material — polyurethane — is excellent thermal insulator, which prevents from heat or cold to penetrate inside of the boot from the ground surface. And modern protector helps you to preserve durability in the true sense of the word!

The lining has abrasion resistance, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Technical characteristics 05118 MO «BERKUT NEW CAMO MULTI»
Top: nylon fabric
Lining: textile material «Cambrelle»® or «Super Royal»®
Outsole: polyurethane (±40 °C)
Outsole joining: direct injection
Toe-cap: forced, thermoplastic material
Counter: tough, thermoplastic material
Quarter height: 185 ± 3 mm
Sizes: 40-46, half-stitched tongue
Implement: foot lockers
Materials and technology footwear Garsing
- these materials are used for footwear insoles and lining. These arts possess such advantages as abrasion resistance, antifungal and bacterial properties. The surface and functions resemble a sponge: porous, absorbs to three times more than weight itself. This material dries quickly, so it keeps your feet dry and comfortable during the day.