half length boots

Technical characteristics

According to numerous requests of our clients «GARSING» TM has started the production of popular and favorable model «TRAVELER» in camouflage.

Model 61 MO «TRAVELER CAMO MULTI» is designed for medium and light tracking, long walks and city life. These sneakers meet all the requirements of this shoe segment. They provide a special rubber sole, made in Italy, which provides better cohesion with surfaces, so to prevent foot slipping while walking on ground, stones, and rocks. More rigid structure allows the foot to feel more stable, to fell less uneven ground and small stones. Toe and heel parts forced with high leather «MATRIX» increase durability. Removable insoles «EVA» add comfort due to its damping properties.

The lining is made from modern synthetic multilayer breathable fabric. 061 MO «TRAVELER CAMO MULTI» — is a guarantee of the highest comfort level.

Technical characteristics 061 MO «TRAVЕLER CAMO MULTI»
Top: Top: combined: real leather suede split, nylon fabric, «MATRIX» leather
Lining: modern multilayer synthetic breathable fabric
Outsole: molded rubber «ARAVI CAMO MULTI» (Italy) (±40 °C
Outsole joining: glued construction
Toe-cap: forced, thermoplastic material
Counter: tough, thermoplastic material
Sizes: 36-47
Implement: speed loop