High quarter boots

Technical characteristics


Model 516 has already been released by our company for 7 years and is a leader of national footwear.

These boots have deserved our clients’ sympathy due to its high reliability, simplicity and comfort while wearing.

The top of the boot is made from real leather suede split and highly durable material «Cordura» Du Pont®, that’s why this model is much lighter than its leather analogue.

It is possible to estimate this model in hot climate conditions when daily wearing.

Also this model has repeatedly been seen on the special units’ officers.

Technical characteristics 516 МО «SHOT CAMO MULTI»
Top: combined: real leather suede split, textile material «Cordura» Du Pont® «MULTICAM»
Lining: textile material «Cambrelle»® or «Super Royal»®
Outsole: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) «RUNNER» (±40 °C)
Outsole joining: glue-pin construction
Toe-cap: forced, thermoplastic material
Counter: tough, thermoplastic material
Quarter height: 220 ± 3 mm
Sizes: 40-46
Implement: stitched tongue
Modifications: slugs, hooks
Materials and technology footwear Garsing
- these materials are used for footwear insoles and lining. These arts possess such advantages as abrasion resistance, antifungal and bacterial properties. The surface and functions resemble a sponge: porous, absorbs to three times more than weight itself. This material dries quickly, so it keeps your feet dry and comfortable during the day.