Metal toe-caps Metal toe-caps protect toes from compression and from objects that can fall and harm your leg. Impact resistance is 200 J, compression strength is 15000N (tested with CEN 344).

TEXON ® CARTON TEXON ® CARTON-insoles carton, it is a material made from natural fibers such as cellulose and cotton, combined with latex (elastomer). The cover is breathable but retains moisture. Material is antistatic and has a high index of deterioration ( tested with CEN 344)

Woolen fur Woolen fur is a fur containing natural sheep wool not less than 80 %. This is a high-quality and cheap alternative to natural fur. Modern science created new synthetic fibers, which are successfully used in mixture with natural one. The optimal proportion for footwear is 80-70 % of wool and 20-30% of synthetics, which allows saving the advantages of natural fur and make the material more wearproof. Natural woolen fur is perfectly breathes and it doesn’t make a rotting effect as in comparison with artificial fur, but at the same time has all warming properties of natural fur.

Would you like to know more about advantages of woolen fur? Moisture Absorption - is an impregnation effect. First place - woolen fibers due to the fact that they’re porous.

(Vapor)-Permeability. Insulated footwear should have a low level of this properties, it is needed for feet, for that they could breath and at the same time to avoid any heat loss. There are no analogs of wool according that point.

We should admit that woolen fur has exclusive beneficial features: sheepskin, which was cut from alive sheep, contains LANOLIN which is a natural antiseptic, and has antibacterial features. The activation point is 35-37 degrees, easy penetrates through the skin. Has a positive influence on the muscles, joints and stimulates blood circulation.

natural fur The most popular natural fur which is used in footwear insulators is a SHEEPSKIN. Sheepskin is a skin of a sheep, older than 6 month. The sheepskin has a few unique and useful properties, one of them, high level of insulation, which allows to save a lot of warm air so it makes an “incubator” of heat between human’s body and insulator, also it saves the dryness inside the footwear. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it doesn’t maintain any bacteria which provoke allergic reactions, so it is best suited for both adults and children. There are some facts that many years ago, the aborigines of future Australia and New Zeeland turn up their premature babies in sheepskins. So our modern scientists succeeded to prove the fact that babies who sleep on the sheepskin have a deep sleep, less cry and behave more calm. Moreover this insulator has magical inflammatory properties. It is very effective against edemas and even heals wounds. The sheepskin has such properties due to its useful microelements. Perhaps, the most amazing of them is Lanoline, which kills bacteria, and also is used in pharmaceutics manufacturing.

Universality- is the most distinctive feature of sheepskin.

Sheepskin has perfect waterproof properties and saves them for a long time. Today just a small part of artificial insulators may be compared with natural fur. We use sheepskin, from the best manufacturers, due to what our footwear gives you maximum of warm and comfort during the exploitation even in severe conditions.

Thinsulate® 3M. The 3M company developed an unique technology of microfibers manufacturing. The name of new, fabricated with this innovation technology insulator is THINSULATE ® (eng: Thin and insulation). Combination of the Nature experience with the last innovations, this insulator provides the highest degree of protection from cold.

The first developing was for solution of the insulation of astronaut equipment. The success allows to use it with any kind of clothes, footwear, gloves and other accessories.

Thermoisolative material Thinsilate® is a unique combination of thermo isolative and ventilate properties- safety retaining the heat, it can easily evaporate excess moisture. This insulator absolutely free for your actions and provides full comfort and allows to ignore any weather conditions including the most severe frosts. Just a thin layer of this amazing microfiber insulator has a perfect thermo isolative properties combined with the durability, modesty and easy to care.

The most important thing in all kind of insulators is an ability to hold air. The better way to save the heat- is to keep more air in insulator elements’ values. With decreasing thickness of the fibers greatly increases the total surface area of the fibers that connect the air per unit volume, so it keeps air much better. For example in comparison with other insulators THINSULATE® shows that this value is graeter than about 10 times.

Waterproof  impregnation FENICE ® Waterproof impregnation FENICE ® consists of polymeric waterproof resource on the solvent base. It is provide high waterproof for leather with high resistance for oil and pollute substances.

Anti-slip system ROTOR Anti-slip system ROTOR. Improved anti-slip system with a movable bracket “OC system”. It has a special bracket, which allows using it in two ways: Grip ON mode and Grip OFF mode. Reliability of the sole – is comfort and confidence to walk through ice covered surface. And even if you are walking through the ordinary flooring, your footwear with anti-slip sole doesn’t make any harm to it. A carefully designed system eliminates the possibility of losing any structural elements

POLARTEC POLARTEC it is polyester knit material with thick pile. Quite often in manufacture of this material such fibers as Lycra, cotton, nylon, wool and silk can be mixed with. Also cloth includes microfibers of incorrosible steel, which are smaller than thickness of humans’ hair. Low coefficient of water absorption and high degree of ventilation provide effect of dry heat.

COMFOTEX ™ COMFOTEX ™ is a durable, strong, waterproof, windproof and breathable, retaining its high level of functionality for the duration of wearing shoes. Neither salt no other pollute substances can penetrate the membrane. COMFOTEX ™ is a guarantee of the prime level of comfort.

TECHOGI Thermoplastic tough materials TECHOGI, which differs by their bilateral covering on the …

Cambrelle/ Super Royal - these materials are used for footwear insoles and lining. These arts possess such advantages as abrasion resistance, antifungal and bacterial properties. The surface and functions resemble a sponge: porous, absorbs to three times more than weight itself. This material dries quickly, so it keeps your feet dry and comfortable during the day.

CORDURA ® An innovation discovery of DU PONT Company It’s a high-tech material, with high strength and durability. This material is made from nylon threads of different thickness what makes this material extremely tough and gives excellent resistance to cuts and abrasion. Outer surface is covered with two layers of Teflon. Inside –three layers of special polyurethane glue, which makes material breathing and at the same time prevents penetrating of water.