Welt-glued construction

Welt-glued construction


Welt-glued construction of trademark “Garsing”

The main difference of welt-glued footwear of trademark “Garsing” is having an insole with a lip around all perimeter of footmark and leather welt (360).

It is footwear with glued and stitched joining of downside elements, so it procures longtime and comfort use and absolutely excludes outsole detaching.

The main differences of GARSING footwear are:
1) The full stitching of footstep around the perimeter (360 degrees)
2) Nails’ absence in the heel part
3) All detail cuts are hidden inside of the boot, so the boot will never get wet through these cuts.

The brand footwear GARSING is recommended for:
1) For all force structures, for collaborators of law enforcement structures, servicemen, customs collaborators, for Ministry of Emergency situations, for security companies
2) For hunters, fishermen, tourists, geologists
3) For all active peoples in complicated weather conditions and midseason time
4) For car-service workers, repairing shops and petrol stations
5) For factory workers

The main advantages of welt-glued footwear of TM GARSING are:
1) Maximum toughness, waterproof, safety, repair possibility
2) The highest degree of comfort, because of using natural leather for top and downside elements
3) Construction specialties which provide good safety of the boot from harmful influence of different using conditions including walking on the shape rocks

The brand GARSING footwear has certificates of quality of Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation.

All models GARSING ® allows metal toe-puff setting up (200J) and antipierce inlayer, or lining materials ROYAL ® CAMBRELLE ®, artificial or natural fur, or THINSILATE® 3M insulator.